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bumps in bottom part of sds gel - bumps in bottom part of sds gel (Dec/24/2007 )

I am using mini gel preparation.I cast my own gel using regular protocol.

After running samples on gel the gel is obstructed at the bottom part by some swelling in gel which is semicircular in shape.Also the dye front turns yellow on coming in contact with this obstruction.

The same shaped obstruction in gel comes up every time i run a gel every time.As a result the samples dont run campletly and we get poor resolution.Aslo i get this problem only wih 7 % gel and not 10 percent gel



The yellow color is not a problem, its happen when the sample buffer come in contact with the running buffer

why is ur gel is swelling i don't know, maybe u use high voltage the cause gel heating.

do u run the gel on ice? do u use the appropriate running buffer?

Can u make larger resolving buffer?


thanks for the reply.I changed the tank buffer and gel loading buffer.The problem was solved.
Bad quality sds was changing the pH