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problem pGL3basic luc activity - (Dec/07/2007 )

I have some problem because the pGL3basic answers to dose dependant assay. I tried with PMA and it is increased, also with différent doses of expression vector for the expression of the Oct1 protein whihch usually repress transcription and effectively the pGL3basic is repressed. Because of that I can't conclude the results of my transfection.
I know there is a cryptic promoter in the pGL3basic but it respond almost as a positive control promoter
anyone can help?


It is always a ratio thing, your system have an increased background counts, factor it out accross the board, you get how many fold difference between the basic and the promoter groups. These treatment would affect cell physiology dramatically through multiple pathways, or even proteinj systhesis rate. All these can affect basic expression level. I think you are fine.