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help - (Nov/20/2007 )

I need antibodies against LCAD, MCAD, VLCAD & dont know which company sell these antibodies.
Long chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase LCAD
Medium Chain Acyl CoA dehydrogenae MCAD
Very Long Chain Acyl CoA dehydrogenase VLCAD

These are not available from abcam or santacruz.Can anybody suggest any other sources?


just google "lcad antibody" and see where it takes you - then come back and we'll tell you if we know the companies.



Or go to and use their search engine.


you can also try biocompare, tells you different companies selling the same product, and the prices.

good luck!

-almost a doctor-

or even

btw - next time could you give the topic a more usefull title - "help" will likely be ignored by most people (if you can change it now i'd recommend it)