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RAW cell line transfection - (Sep/14/2007 )

Hi all

I have used Amexa NUCLEOFECTION kit for transfection on RAW cells recently, the trouble is that the effiiciency as reflected by survival in drug selection medium is about 0.01% wacko.gif

I am looking for some suggestions and alternative methods of making transfections in this cells with better efficiency??



I have the same the problem with CHO cells when using Lipofectamine2000, maybe your cells were not suitable for transfection,not in the good situation, not in the mood angry.gif blush.gif
you should repeat your procedure once more with new batch of cells,subculture them on plates and then at confluency of 50% - 80%do it, again. MAKE SURE THEY ARE HAPPY BEFORE TRANSFECTION, I encountered the same problem.


Macrophage lines are known to be extreamly difficult to transfect. Some companyies claim their reagents can do the job. One example is Geneporter 2. I have not done myself, but have seen papers used this one. Do a search using Geneporter and Raw to find details.