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ok to use Trizol w/ chloroform:isoamyl? - (Aug/17/2007 )

I need to do RNA isolation with Trizol LS. The only chloroform my lab has is a 49:1 mixture with isoamyl alcohol. I noticed that the Trizol protocol from Invitrogen specifically says not to use this type of chloroform. But I'm wondering, is it really so bad? Do I need to order a pure form? I bought the 49:1 mixture because it says "for molecular biology".

Thanks for the help,


Our lab uses isoamyl in the chloroform (24:1). It works...although I've never done a side-by-side comparison. I'd go for it.


I use trizol from invitrogen, I checked the manual and couldn’t find anything about not to use isoamyl alcohol or something like that. So where did you find it???

I think you shouldn’t have problems using it!

-aztecan princess-