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How long can the dilution series of standard be store in 4oC? - (May/15/2007 )

Hi all,

I had just diluted some plasmid as the standard to quantify the copy number of 16S rDNA present in my sample. I had run it and the r2 is 0.99. I plan to run it with all my sample on the day after tomorrow. I am just wondering how long can the dilution series of standard be stored in 4oC without compromising its integrity?




You must perform your own experiment. The stability of the dilution concentrations is affected by:
the type of tubes
the salt concentration of the buffer
the presence or absence of tRNA, BSA or dsDNA carriers
the temperature
bacterial or fungal contamination
the purity of your plasmid prep


Hi there,

as mentioned, there are a lot of factors. Also, everything else being equal, its going to keep longer at -20 than it is at 4.