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Identifying structures in tissue stain - Stain of the human tongue (Apr/02/2007 )



Hi, singa. From the link, it looks like this is a part of your studies, yes? If it's a part of an assignment, you really need to give things a try first, and then ask the forum if there are problems. Did you know we have a subforum for homework questions?
What do you think is in the image? We're more than happy to assist you, but we're not going to do the work for you. If you've already tried to identify structures, send us another thread in the "Homework questions" forum, outlining what you think you have and where (centre, upper left etc), and we'll go through your thinking and make comments.

Looking forward to see how far you've taken things, in the Homework' forum!


yes, off to the homework forum.

Give your answers and a reason why. I am sure, in such a situation, we will be happy to comment and correct.