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low melting agarose - low melting agarose (Feb/17/2007 )


is there any good effect of low melting agarose except helpfull in gell purification.

i just want to know that, is that possible that same sample 's (light or thin) bands appear in low melting agarose but not appear in simple agarose used normally in labs.

this question raised ,becoz one of my lab frend had run her samples in simple agarose and found no bands but when she run in low melting agarose she got bands.

now i feel that absence of my bands might not be effect of agarose selection.


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QUOTE (chicken @ Feb 18 2007, 04:16 PM)
no one is answering unsure.gif mellow.gif sad.gif

It takes awhile, and some threads just slip through the cracks

And my answer to your above question is nope. I have not experienece any difference between the two gel types.

If I had to blindly guess, there is either-
-the density of the low melt agarose is lower then the standard agarose, hence the band separating out from your main DNA. (in the instance of bands close to the main band)
-the low melt agarose is cleaner then your standard agarose, as a result faint bands normally hidden by background floresence are showing up. (in the instance of faint bands)
-the low melt gel has experience a long destraining time, thus allowing faint bands to become visible.

Though, if the bands are faint, I wouldn't worry. As long as the band you are interested in is running at the right size, and cleanly separated from other bands, then all is well with the gel purification.


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