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reuse PCR gel - (Jun/28/2006 )

This question may have been asked and answered in the years past, but how do you reuse a PCR gel? Do you just microwave it again or do you need to do something else?
Thanks for your help



Dear Sterling

You have to answer some more questions

1: Fragment size
2: Dye used
3: Gel concentration
4: Dye in gel, buffer or product
5: Research or Diagnostics

I have reused the same gel for 3 months, then melted it and used it as a plug for SSCP purposes. So depending on your answers above you can just keep on running until your products run out at end of gel, you can then reload.


-Nico Cape Town-

In plant molecular biology reporter (journal) therse is a paper titmled Recycling Agarose it"s free you can download it