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Transfection of human skin fibroblasts - (Jun/19/2006 )

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A few people here have used fetal foreskin fibroblasts with the Amaxa electroporation system. They get 40-50% efficiency. Someone is planning to use oral and dermal fibroblasts soon.


I also tried to transfect skin fibroblasts with Lipofectamine and Fugene and nothing worked.
I desisted, but I hope you to suceed.


I highly suggest that you will make your gene of interested into a retrovector and the retrovector will transduct the skin fibroblast easily.

-Andy Fung-

I used Superfect from Qiagen on MRC5 cells and it worked well. Try to decrease the amount of DNA and liposomes in order to avoid toxicity, remove transfection complex after five hrs and repleace with fresh medium supplemented with FCS. this is important for primary cells...


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