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Three bands after Ni agarosecolumn - (Mar/23/2001 )

Dear Monica

Usually I could see the pellet with cell line RNA extraction even percipitating at RT. if not, you can add high salt precipitation solution like that provided with Trireagent ((MRC). For each 1.0 ml of Trireagent used, add to the resulting aqueous phase 0.25 ml of isopropanol followed by 0.25ml of the high salt precipitation solution (1.2M NaCl, and 0.8M Na-Citrate). High salt solution can also help remove polysaccharide and proteoglycan contamination.

Buoa fortuna!



Does anybody tell me why when I incubated acqeous phase with isopropanol at RT e centrifuge (4C) I do not see the pellet (as in Triazol method)? If I put isopropanol and acqeous phase at -20C for 1h. then I obtain the RNA pellet.Many thanksMonica