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pcDNA/pSUPER - (Jul/26/2009 )

I'm fairly new to this but can someone tell me if it is possible to place pSUPER into a pcDNA vector? A previous member in the lab has frozen stocks of pcDNA/pSUPER plasmids. However, isn't pSUPER itself a vector? Thanks!


The pSUPER vector was made by Bernards and Agami in 2002. They cloned human H1 promoter into pBS.SK vector and called "pSUPER". There is no mammalian selection marker on pSUPER, your former lab member might subcloned H1 from pSUPER into pcDNA. You better check his lab notebooks.
One thing to remind you, the Bgl II and Hind III sites for cloning shRNA oligos on the original pSUPER vector are immediately next to each other. Please be aware you might get high background (colonies with no insertion).

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