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5V/cm what is does mean - 5V/cm what is does mean (Jun/25/2009 )

hi admin and chatter,

i'm trying to get a nice gel pic of ladder,

1. i'm using 100bp from framentas, and i store at -20, every time i try 1ul ladder+1 ul marker and 4ul TBE, the marker was not separate nicely. some people was not store at -20, i dont know what is the deference between that's.

2. what does mean 5V/cm? i saw in some journal , they run at 5V/CM, my question is if i had 100bp with 10 fragment , then i should divided 5VX10, 50v/100cm, in 1 hour, it is right?

pls explain to me.. thank


Sounds like a beginners problem???

Here you can find the basic priciples of gel electrophoresis.

5V/cm refers to the voltage used (so you can calculate the voltage that should be written on the display of your power supply).....i.e. for a minigel 5V/cm can mean that you set your power supply to 50V whereas for a midigel you set it to 100V. But the voltage applied per cm of gel is the same for both applications.