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Help with unwanted fluorescent lines in sections - (Jun/14/2009 )

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thanks. is the cat # bmk-2202. Vector M.O.M. Basic Kit this right? or do i not need the kit, but just go for the blocker solution?


Probably best to get the whole kit at first....

Good luck


gaston on Jun 16 2009, 03:06 PM said:

here's the really weird part. i did do a control, no primary just secondary donkey anti-mouse and i did not see those lines, but got beautiful staining as if the primary was present. With no primary, there shouldn't be any staining, correct?

then this means what you think is positive staining is actually background - and those lines are probably the real staining - sorry - looks like you were looking at the wrong bit

an alternative to mouse on mouse kit is just use some unlabelled anti mouse secondary eg a fluorochrome well away from the one you are looking at or biotinilated anti mouse (as long as you arnt avidin/biotin-ing currently)

ahh - gotta live science - never works as you expected - but keeps you on your toes


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