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difference between IHC and ICC - what's the difference (Jun/11/2009 )

does anyone know the difference between IHC and ICC?



IHC immunohistochemistry : immunostaining of tissues
ICC immunocytochemistry : immunostaining of cultured cells

-little mouse-

ulujm on Jun 11 2009, 03:15 PM said:

does anyone know the difference between IHC and ICC?


IHC: immunohistochemistry, ICC: immunocytochemistry. As far as I understand IHC stains tissue sections, while ICC stains "free" cells preparations (whether from tissue culture, or primary isolated).

Here's what Wikipedia has to say... pretty much what I though but explained better :D Immunocytochemistry differs from immunohistochemistry in that the former is performed on samples of intact cells that have had most, if not all, their surrounding extracellular matrix removed. This includes cells grown within a culture, deposited from suspension, or taken from a smear. In contrast, immunohistochemical samples are sections of tissue, where each cell is surrounded by tissue architecture and other cells normally found in the intact tissue.

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its the same as the difference tween histology and cytology but with a bit of immuno - chemistry added to make a really long word