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Basics on bioinformatics - (Mar/07/2002 )

I am very much intersted to know basica and applied aspects of bioinformatics, please any body suggest me some useful sites, regarding this.
Thanks in advance



Here are some good educational resources:
 <li><a href="">Biocomputing
   Hypertext Coursebook</a> - An online bioinformatics textbook with exercises.
   Covers sequence alignment, phylogenetics, and protein-folding.
 <li><a href="">Bioinformatics and Computational
   Biology at ISU</a> - An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program offering Ph.D.
   and M.S. degrees in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) at Iowa
   State University
 <li><a href="">Biophysics 490 Web pages</a>
   - Notes for a graduate course in bioinformatics
 <li><a href="">Index
   of Computational Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Courses</a> - Listing
   of computational molecular biology course pages that have extensive online
   course materials.</li>

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Take a look at this site:

It has got lots of information on bioinformatics and other areas in biotechnology