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Urine Electrophoresis - mouse urine (Jan/28/2009 )


is someone out there familiar with electrophoresis of urine, especially urine from mice? can gels be evaluated like gels from human urinary proteins?

hope i would get some recommendations,



I've never done it, but if you can do it with samples from humans, you can do it with samples from mice.


The problem with the electrophoresis of urine is the concentration of the protein. Mostly you have the concetrate the urine to get a concentration of protein suitable for electroforesis.
It can be done bij concentrators or ultrafiltrationunits, whereby the ultrafiltration has the avantage that also the salt concentration can be lowered if needed.
After concentration it can be handeld as serum but be aware of the possibility that protein in urine can be degraded.