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both nucleotide and aa sequence under each other.... - (Oct/15/2004 )

hello everybody!

i wonder what can i do to get my nucleotide sequence and aa of a gene being translated under each other so i can have a whole picture of which nucleotide belongs to the aa and which aa belongs to the nucleotide in a paper?

for example:

atg ttt tta ........
M P L ...........

this would be of great help, since the aa and protein sequence of a gene are in different places (databanks and even in the same databank) and i waste my time on translate every code into its aa.

hope you get my point!
thanks alot!


Many software have this function.

Also there are online tools for translating and formatting nucleotide sequences such as this one:
(Be sure to choose the right output format, after you have got the result, copy it into your Word or text file editor. If you use Word, after pasting, be sure to format the text into a font with fixed width such as courie.


i appreciate for your help!

but where can i translate my peptide sequence into nucleotide sequence? since i have to do it sometimes.



Translate a protein sequence back to nucleotide sequence is not an easy task because many different codons can translate to the same AA. I do find a tool for back translation. You can try it.


thanks for sharing, saga! ;)