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The roles of vitamins and minerals in metabolic reactions - (Feb/01/2018 )

Hi! I just started Biology this semester. The question below is my first homework assignment. I wrote a couple paragraphs below that,  and I want to hear from you guys if it's acceptable, and FYI I have terrible grammar........ thank you! let me know if there is something missing



Discuss the role of vitamins (enzymes?) and minerals (micro-nutrients?) in the transfer of energy through metabolic process in humans.

Energy that is used to power metabolic processes in the body is obtained from the person's food consumption. There are plenty of reactions going on in the body that involves Catabolic pathways (releases energy) and simultaneously stores inside high energy molecules. The mechanisms that change energy into ATP is viewed as Cellular respiration. In order to transform dietary sources of energy (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) to Cellular energy in ATP form, it demands many micronutrients as the Cofactors, and Coenzymes for the process of enzymatic activity.
Vitamins (enzymes) have an important role when energy metabolism is concerned. The role is achieved by essential vitamins like B-6, B-9, and B-12 in order to maintain the mechanism of one carbon mitochondrial transfer cycle by regulating mitchondrial enzymes. Also Vitamin B has a big role in providing mitochondrial energy metabolism.
Minerals (micro-nutrients) have an important role in metabolism too. Minerals in adequate amounts such as zinc, magnesium, and chromium helps maintain the capacity for increased expenditure. This improves muscle metabolism, strength, and functioning. 


What grade/year are you in?


You should check the definitions of vitamin, and micro-nutrient.


I am in my sophomore year of high school.


So I got the definitions of vitamins and mirco-nutrients wrongs.. did i get any parts of the concept wrong too?


please check out your answer have been posted wrong definition of vitamin and micro-nutrients.




A low sub-atomic weight natural aggravate that is fundamental for typical development and metabolic procedures and is required in follow sums. Supplement. A nutrient is a natural exacerbate that is fundamental for the typical development and metabolic procedures of a living being




Micronutrients are those supplements required in little sums instead of macronutrients required in extensive sums. For instance, proteins, nutrients, and minerals are supplements people require; in any case, proteins are required in sums higher than nutrients, making the last considered as micronutrient.


just check it!!!