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DNA extraction from saliva - (Jul/19/2015 )

Hi, I have Saliva stored in Salicaps at -20°C  that was collected about 1-2 years ago.

Is it still possible to extract DNA with commercial kit, Qiagene, Zymo.. ?


I have tried with Oragene (I transferred the saliva in the Oragene collection tube) and the amplification looked ok (but since I didn't run a gel I cannot be sure), anyway quality with the nanodrop looked good. 


Anyone know literature references about this topic, and/or has some experience with saliva storage in conditions mentioned above? 


Many thanks, 




It is certainly possible to extract DNA from these samples.  
In the criminal forensic DNA industry evidence such as cigarette ends are commonly stored at -20oC for several to many years and still yield DNA of sufficient quality to give a full fragment analysis profile.  
Any normally suitable method for extracting DNA from small quantities will be fine (either in-house methodology or, say Qiagen kits).


Also, although the quality of the DNA extraction looked good, what was the yield?   Was it high enough?