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Western Sensitivity: ECL versus DyLight 800 Detection - (Jul/13/2015 )

Hi,  I just started using DyLight 800 secondary antibodies and the LiCor scanner for westerns.  Does anyone know how this detection method compares to ECL or even colorimetric development methods?  I figure ECL is much more sensitive, but don't really have an idea if there is a direct comparison our there (like using the same primary Ab, with titration of target protein on gel).

Thanks for your help.



Hello. Others may disagree, but in my experience LiCor has performed well in comparison to ECL when using a digital scanner to detect ECL.

But I haven't found anything that would beat ECL + very sensitive film.

Just my two cents worth.


Thanks for your comments, molbiolnew.  


I've used the Odyssey scanner with Odyssey secondary antibodies. In my experience, results are very much dependant on the POI and the primary antibody. When primary antibodies work well in the Odyssey system, it's fantastic. But Odyssey won't detect every antibody, and in that case, ECL is my preferred method. You have to determine this empirically of course.