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How to compare 20 DNA sequences together - (Jul/19/2004 )

Hi, Everybody
I have some problems about alignment of many sequences.
I have to compare more 20 DNA sequences together on a computer with Intel®, Pentium®4, CPU 1.5GHz and 224 MB of RAM. I have aligned those sequences by using Clustal X 1.8 software, but while I am doing comparision, my computer stopped. I do not understand why it did not response. I tried again some times and the results is the same, I can't be continuous my work. Please help me solve this problem.
I also would like to ask you some other questions.
1. Which softwares should I use when I compare about 20 sequences together?
2. Where can I download the software that is better than Clustal X 1.8 to align my sequences?
3. Please tell me the way to align sequences by using BiEdit software.
Thank you very much for your help.


Hi! Do you know there's a known bug when Bioedit's Clustal meets Windows XP? There's a new version out (7.0, I think) which has a bugfix included.

Bioedit should do the job, normally. However, I aligned 15 sequences at maximum the same time - I didn't need more :) . So maybe there's some limitation for 19 or more sequences, where Bioedit stops working? :rolleyes:

Other programs that do muliple Sequence Alignments come (came?) with the GCG Programme Package - I seem to remember something called "malign"....
maybe worth a try if you have access to it.


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