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Neural Stem Cells; does it mean adult or embryonic? - (Jun/01/2014 )



This is probably a simple question but in many papers I read which deal with neural stem cells, it doesn't clearly state if the NSC is an adult NSC or an embryonic NSC. Does it usually just mean adult?


For example,


Could anyone please clarify this for me?




Read the methods carefully and you'll find:


"For human neural stem cell donor studies, cultured human fetal spinal cord NSCs (NSI-566RSC), were provided by NeuralStem, Inc. Methods for procuring cells have been published previously (Johe et al., 1996; Boulis et al., 2011)." 


If it's really not stated (which I doubt in reasonable scientific journals), you always have the option of contacting the corresponding author to clarify.  Cheers!

-science noob-