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Can you store DNA in loading dye buffer short term? - (May/13/2014 )

I'm running gels for a DNA gel purification but had too much sample to fit in all the available wells.  Unfortunately, I had already mixed my DNA samples with 6x loading dye buffer (w/xylene cyanol and bromophenol blue) and was wondering if it is possible to store the samples short term (for a couple of hours or overnight) until I can run them on a gel.  I have them right now at 4C, but if there is a better temperature to store them please let me know.  The samples contain DNA digests w/approximately 100ug DNA as well as enzyme, buffer, and H2O.  Thanks.


It should be fine - the solutions are usually buffered to a pH that will maintain DNA more or less indefinitely if stored at -20, and for some weeks at 4.


Depends also a bit on the enzyme, so if it is an enzyme with star activity you should inactivate it or store the samples at -20 to avoid further and unspecific digestions.