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What sencondary for Chimera Fc primary antibody? - (Apr/07/2014 )

Hi all, 


I got hold of a Chimera Fc primary antibody that I would like to use it for WB and IHC. However I can't figure out what sencondary I should use. The Data Sheet says the antibody was produced in a mouse myeloma cell line (NS0-derived). None of the citated papers used it for WB or IHC.


Any suggestion?




You probably need an anti-mouse IgG secondary Ab.

Could you upload that data sheet?


Thanks tkf!


here the data sheet


According to the data sheet, you should use anti-Human IgG secondary Ab.


Also, your RnD product is not an antibody, its a fusion between your protein (ICAM) and Fc of Human IgG.


I see... now everything makes sense. So it is not an antibody-antigen situation but a ligand-receptor.


Thanks you so much tkf!