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Left ECL kit at room temp. Is it ruined? - (Apr/02/2014 )

Last Friday I was distracted as I was getting ready to head home and I forgot to put the ECL kit back in the fridge (needs to be stored at 4C). It was sitting out at room temp (~21C) for a total of about 36 hours before I realized my mistake. I'd imagine luminol is fairly stable, but I worry that the H2O2 has degraded to water a little bit. Both reagents were protected from light.


Has anyone ever made this mistake? Do you think that the kit is ruined?

-sir octopus-

The best way to tell would be to test it...


It may well be fine, but I don't know for sure.


It's been a hell of a last two weeks with failed Westerns (found out I was doing too many/too long of washes and the antibodies were getting washed off).


Turns out that the kit is NOT ruined, the signal is just weaker than it was before it was left out. Longer exposure times are needed now, but that's fine.

-sir octopus-