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Anti-Guinea Pig IFN-g and TNF-a - Antibody Suggestions?! - (Mar/12/2014 )

Hello everyone,


I am having trouble finding flow antibodies to look at IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha in guinea pig samples. So far I've found that Novus has an ab for TNF-alpha with cross-reactivity in guinea pigs, but that's pretty much it. I was wondering if anyone had prior experience or suggestions. I'm not picky about the fluorophore these antibodies are conjugated to.






They are distantly related to rats and mice, so I would try antibodies against those species.  The major problem is that guinea pigs aren't all that common as a lab animal for these sorts of studies (more used for physiology/anatomy and sociology), so finding antibodies that have been tested will be difficult.


Hi Colleen,


Yes, it's difficult to find an AB that has been tested for flow cytometry.


We offer a free trial size antibody for evaluation if you are interested in testing one of our TNF-alpha antibodies in FC.


Please visit St John's Laboratory website


We only have 1 IFN gamma antibody, but a lot more TNF alpha. If you are outside the UK, we will need to charge shipping


Hope this helps