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Eosinophilic aggregations in enterocytes (fish) - (Mar/06/2014 )



I work in fish nutrition and while evaluating histological samples of fish intestine (H-E staining) I found that several enterocytes present an amorphous substance that stains with eosin. This accumulation appears to be inside the supranuclear absorptive vacuole and vary in size and amount, from several small droplets that don't occupy the entire vacuole to a large accumulation that ocuppies the entire vacuole and even alters the normal shape of the cell and displaces the nucleous from its normal position. I more have pictures if anyone thinks it will help.


Thank you!


-Ana Couto-

Pictures would indeed be useful.  Parasite of some sort?


I have already ruled out the parasite hypothesis with the fish pathologist from our university.


I did attach a picture, but I guess it wasn't uploaded. Here it goes again.


Attached Image

-Ana Couto-

Some sort of phagocytotic-like vesicles?  No idea really, just hazarding a guess.