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Reliable and cheap company for Antibody - (Mar/06/2014 )

Dear all,

I need to buy AB for CYP2E1, but we are in the end of the budget and If I wait for the new budget I would wait for several weeks,

so Please can u suggest a good company u have used before with a good quality antibody especially in IF and good price.

Usually we use abcam, but I can not buy from abcam this month, so I must wait and I don't want to wait.



Usually if you contact a company and ask to "test" an antibody, they will give you some kind of discount. Alot of researchers use Santa Cruz antibodies, with that being said they have a program called Cruz credits... You acquire Cruz credits when you mention any Santa Cruz products in a publication. If you publish with 1.5 Santa Cruz products, you can usually get a $400 antibody for free? I only say this with the hope that your lab has a few publications in the previous year using Santa Cruz products. Good Luck.


I have santa cruz AB before, and I had no problem with it as 1ry Ab, but there secondary AB is so bad and I could not see any thing with it. however when I used abcam 2ry AB with the same santa cruz primary Ab it was fine

I have heard from a friend it is not a good company to be used, not so much reliable.

especially when I bought some siRNA from this company and I could not get good silencing till now

and I find some reviews or rumors online saying the same thing about this company in specific.

I don't know if it is reliable or not but I will not go for it if I have a choice.


In our Lab SC also had a bad reputation.
In another thread here, the above link was recommended to me, the antibodies are very cheap and maybe you're lucky and they have one against your target.


Santa Cruz is a very hit or miss with there antibodies. I would try to find some published data with the antibody you are interested in and then request that same lot, if it is still available.


That is an interesting website Tabaluga. Have you tried there services before? It seems almost to good to be true.


No, I never tried it because they didn't have an AB against my target. But here is the thread where it was originally posted: