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conversion factors for enzyme kinetics - (Mar/02/2014 )

I need to find the concentration of PNP when I only have initial volumes of PNPG and absorbance meaurements.  i have not been given a coefficient, and therefore can't use beer-lambert law.

initial vol PNPG (ml)             Absorbance measurements (410nm)
0.1                                           0.106
0.2                                           0.221
0.3                                           0.412
0.4                                           0.478
0.6                                           0.600
0.8                                           0.608
1.2                                           0.738

All solutions had a final volume of 10ml, and 2ml of which were enzymes.

I have attempted this myself, and in making graphs i find that ive probably made an error.  any insight will be well recieved. thanks kacey

-Kacey Rees-

would this help: ?


if PNP is the enzyme (purine nucleoside phosphorylase) what does PNPG mean?

-Inmost sun-