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small rna query - (Jan/30/2014 )

so we are working with smalll rna species which naturally exists as a hairpin around 105 nucleotides in the cell  and when the cell is stress induced by viral double stranded rna mimic structure , poly ic the result should be  that the small rna gets cleaved into the 22 or 35 nucleotide structures. previously someone did these experiments and published and i am copying the exact same transfection procedure, same concentrations of poly ic and identical cell line, incubation and everything. but on the blot only the complete yrna is found but no cleaved subproducts. out of my wits to understand this and desperate to find a solution as its not working for a friend either. pls advice..


Hard to say what is wrong if one is not working in this field. Perhaps someone here on the forum is doing something similar, if not, I would simple say: try to contact the original authors.