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Looking for Clontech Adeno-X-AcGFP1 control marker virus (#632504) - (Jan/22/2014 )

We perform a DNA repair assay in the lab that uses Clontech's Adeno-X-AcGFP1 control marker adenovirus (cat #632504).  Unfortunately, we have lost our viral stock and the assay is very specific for this backbone.  Clonetech no longer sells this virus and I haven't found another source for it.  If anyone has an aliquot of viral stock that they would be willing to share, I can send a pre-printed FedEx label for shipping.  Any help or other leads on where to find this particular adenovirus would be greatly appreciated.




Lisa McPherson


Hey Lisa,


I checked and one article popped up...


Maybe you can contact them for an aliquot.


Good Luck!


How did you find that article?

If I press your link, I do not see it.


In highwire I typed in: Adeno-X-AcGFP1


Direct link to article:


Yes, I noticed that, but I saw nothing ...

But today I do get a result... strange. I guess the website, highwire, was down or something yesterday.


Hi Jerry
Thanks for your reply. I had contacted the authors of that paper but received no response. I found another paper but it was from Germany. I might try to find the name of the lab manager in the lab in Boston since the senior author is likely too busy to respond.


Good deal. I have found that PI's are more likely to grant the requests of undergraduates and lower level graduate students if that helps your case any.