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sequencing basic learning - (Nov/25/2013 )

hey guys,

i chose a bioinformatics forum for some reason i dont know , i thought you might have the answer. i want to learn and understand sequencing. from my search i understand the use of fluoroscent molecules to create broken fragments and then get the result. i would like to understand how to analyze or interpret it. i think it is based on what you are looking for and not straight forward to give a basic way of doing it. but still if there is anything close to a basic interpretation method that includes  - thisis basically  what the result would like and this how you think and interpret, that would be great. with some background into the softwares commonly used and the logic in those softwares would also be appreciated, thanks.


I believe the below website is very informative and should answer all of your questions. There are quite a few softwares available. I like the DNAstar package, but anyone will probably suite your needs.