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RNA concentration quiries - (Oct/27/2013 )

Hi. I'm new in this field.

I have extracted RNA from cell culture and had obtained a concentration of 500ng/ microL in 30 microL.

If my downstream application requires me to have 500ng of RNA in 5 microL, hence is my extracted RNA concentration sufficient? Is my calculation below correct?

RNA concentration = 500ng/ microL = 1 microL=500ng RNA

To obtain 500ng in 5 microL,

i have to first dilute my RNA concentration to 100ng/microL.

Does that sounds correct? 




The result is correct.  I have no idea what that "equation" is supposed to mean, however. You can't have things with different units equal to each other.


You have 500 ng/ul and you need 500ng/5 ul. Simply dilute your RNA 1+4 as you have 5 times concentration of RNA .

-Shefali Desai-