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Dilution confusion - (Oct/17/2013 )

How to make a 16 ug/ml protein dilution from a stock of 1.48 mg/ml.


Arrgh. Algebra.


(1.48 mg/ml) / x  = 16 ug/ml


x = (1480 ug/ml) / 16 ug/ml  = 92.5


So, you need to dilute by 92.5 times.


Add 10 ul of your stock to 915 ul of water (more likely buffer)


that I never understand that, if I need to make a 50 or 75 ul of protein dilution


For a defined volume use:

C1V1=C2V2 where C= concentration (before and after) and V=volumes before and after.


In your case C1=1480 ug/ml, C2 = 16 ug/ml, V2=75 (or 50)


therefore V1= (16 x 75)\1480 = ?


I am still wrong in my question I think. What you told me I know. But I dont know how to have a 32 ug proteiin from 1.48 mg/ml stock solution in 50 ul for bradford assay?/


It's simplistic but think of it this way:  1.48mg/ml = 1.48ug/ul

you want 32 ug = 32/1.48 = 21.6ul

you want that 32ug in a total of 50ul, so 50-21.6 = 28.4ul diluent


even if I want 32 ug in 75 ul I have to take 21.6 ul of protein??


do you want 32ug (mass) or 32ug/ml (concentration)?


if mass then you need 21.6ul of 1.48mg/ml (as missle said).


if concentration then you need (16 x 75)\1480 = 0.81ul protein + 74.19ul buffer (or water) (as bob1 said).


actually i need mass  but i was using formula for concentration