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what is gene codon optimisation. - (Oct/17/2013 )

i was wondering to know what is the basic of gene codon optimisation and how it is work.

it will be useful if you can suggest reading material about it please.






thank u for ur replay.

Do you aware on any source of format about gene codon optimisation that I can use as references . the most that I found are only web page and I can not use them as references.

actually i am looking for a article that explain how it is work.




Have you already searched PubMed or Google Scholar ? Maybe you can find a paper this way. It might also help to look via pdf search (type your request in Google and then additionally type filetype:pdf)


yes, i did but haven't find any thing yet.


You didn't look very hard:


Wikipedia  codon usage bias and look at the references therein.