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Where to publish? - (Oct/05/2013 )


i am seeking for journals to publish a new species of bacteria. I found:

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (Impact factor 2.1),

Archives of Microbiology (Impact factor 2.1),

Research in Microbiology (Imapct factor 2.9),

Microbiology (Impact factor 2.9),

Journal of Bacteriology (Impact factor 3.2),

Jounal of Systematic and Applied Microbiology (Impact factor 3.3),

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Impact factor 3.7),

Journal of Clinical Microbiology (Impact factor 4.1),

PNAS (9.7),


Many publications on my genus I found in 'International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology' but because of the low impact factor prefer other journals. Did I miss anything?


IJSEM is the standard place. You will receive expert review there. Articles there are automatically "validly published" for purposes of defniitive taxonomy as established by IUMS. It may have lower impact factor, but it would be my first choice. Presumably there will be follow on articles on why you find this organism interesting, which could sensibly go to some of these other journals. J. Bacteriol or Microbiology would be my second choices (though the first choices for follow on articles).


New bacteria species? IJSEM straightforward, unless it is a cyano where you may consider alternatives or an extremophile where you may consider Extremophiles or Astrobiology

-El Crazy Xabi-