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Need help translating my western blot protocol into every language - (Oct/03/2013 )

I've been doing western blots since 1997. I think I'm pretty good at it and that my protocol is just about perfect now.  In the interest of reproducibility by technicians/graduate student/post-docs around the world, I would really like to be able to make this available in as many languages as possible.  If you are interested in helping me translate it into whatever language you speak "science", please send me a message with your email address and I will send the protocol out to you.  If you wish, you will be acknowledged as translator on the final version.






Thanks to the people who responded offering to help translate the protocol.

For anyone interested, you can find the translated protocols at this site:


Also of interest, our Alternative Careers Group has put together a collection of career resources for PhDs in the life sciences with a special focus on working in France and Europe:


thanks a lot for sharing the western blot protocol and also info for the career resources.


   i come  from china, i can translate the protocol into Chinese.

   my email is