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Phenol:Chloroform:IAA Storage - (Sep/23/2013 )



I am going to do a phenol:chloroform extraction. I stored the phenol:chloroform:IAA under -20 C degrees without realizing that the bottle says it should be stored between 2 - 8 C degrees. Some other products tell that storing under -20 degrees increases the shelf life. But it doesn't say so on this product. Do you think my phenol:chloroform:IAA is bad and unusable now that I stored it under -20 degrees? 

Thank you.


It's fine. Almost anything that needs 4C storage can be stored at -20C with the exception of things that are damaged by freezing. Common items with this issue include gels, agar plates, and beads. Proteins without glycerol added (which inhibits freezing) may also fall in this category, but most enzyme preparations have 50% glycerol to prevent freezing. Glass bottles might crack if ice expands inside them.


Thank you Phage434, I was very worried about it.