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Best method for sterilizing plastics - (Aug/24/2013 )

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pito on Sun Sep 1 18:05:41 2013 said:


hobglobin on Sun Sep 1 16:09:53 2013 said:


pito on Sun Sep 1 12:29:58 2013 said:


I can understand it, however, I still find it a waste and pretty stupid.

Where would you draw the line btw? What with head gear? A helmet? Persnonal or helmets everywhere to take? Same with lab coats? Protective shoes etc...


BTW in 3D cinemas it's the same (at least here), you always get new glasses (if you want or not) and can return after watching the film the used ones. I hope they clean and reuse them or at least recycle them somehow, but not sure. Anyway for such large enterprises this seems cheaper than anything else.


To be honest: never been to a 3D movie, are you talking about the "paper" kind of glasses or?


Same on airplanes, often on international flights they give you trow away earphones... Its a shame how much is trown away in the end.



unfortunately not...pure they look usually like these:   just wasted one this evening dry.png

and yes it's a throwaway society, not a really sustainable system


Please temper your criticism for matter that are not within your knowledge or experience.

-Phil Geis-

Phil Geis on Mon Sep 2 11:51:38 2013 said:

Please temper your criticism for matter that are not within your knowledge or experience.

Is your experience based on only USA companies?



I am not as experienced as you are, but the companies I did visit or worked at (in europe) they did not really use trow away glasses...

Most of them also used re-usable ear plugs (and also provided trow away plugs).


I wonder if there is a difference in approach in companies in Europa vs USA.


+ still believe that it has a lot to do with workethics and "trow away ethics" in general.

If people would be more aware of their protection, you would not need so many trow away stuff. If you are also more aware of the need of your security/safety, you would also take care of your personal protective gear...


Coming back on your argument that if you provide enough ear plugs (at certain places, free to take) people would wear them faster than when they are not present everywhere (and you are supposed to wear your own). I wonder if you have a paper or some study about this?

Because if people are already "too bored" to take care of their persnonal stuff, I wonder how interested they are in their own safetey and indeed wear them all the time.




About the trow away stuff in cinemas => you can hardly defend this , this is not like in companies where I can undertand your argument.


My experience and observations are international - US, EU, China, Japan and South America.

-Phil Geis-

Phil Geis on Mon Sep 2 14:45:19 2013 said:

My experience and observations are international - US, EU, China, Japan and South America.



I guess its because I mostly visited/worked in smaller companies. I guess they are more into saving money and re-using stuff.


Povidine Iodine?  Not sure if it would be cost effective but can be diluted and still effective. As alcohol has deleterious effect on some plastics this may be effective.

"This agent exhibits a broad range of microbicidal activity against bacteriafungiprotozoa, and viruses.   it is efficient also against fungi and viruses (including HIV and Herpes simplex).<7"



Don't know what would be the best method for you, it all depends upon your facility, your purchasing power, daily requirements, type of plastic, and preferences:


You can look up several products here, but below is a specific list of methods used to sterilize plastics:


Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma
Formaldehyde steam 
Chlorine dioxide
Ethylene oxide
Nitrogen dioxide
eh, well, no more links, just do the search..
Peracetic acid
Performic Acid
Hydrogen Peroxide 
Infrared radiation 
Ionizing radiation
Microwave (Heat)
Dry heat


Please be aware that a number of these are not sterilizing treatments (e.g. ethanol, UV, microwave) and others establish conditions that wil compromise the item and offer risk in application.  It is also important to understand the role of "soil" and design of t heobject in getting complete kill.   

-Phil Geis-

I have tinnitus and the use of earplugs is very common. I have my own box and I can reuse them for an amount of time. It usually starts wearing down by the time the plugs turn too yellow and too greasy. But you can wash them every now and them with soap and have them dry in air.  As for mixing them from same employers why dont you give them a set of earplugs something like every month and it is up to them to have them cleaned properly. Water soap and dry in air does the job. Check 3E website.

The ones from 3E are really good. And you can buy them for different decibels and different needs.

-Adriana Reis-
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