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Doubt: genomic dna library construction - (Jul/25/2013 )

i just had this doubt..

while constructing a genomic dna library.. can it be ensured that one clone recieves only plasmid?

what i mean is.. after ligating the digested genomic dna to a suitable vector.. when it is transformed into E. coli.. what is the guarantee that two plasmids with two different inserts will not enter the same E. coli???

hope some one can help me with this :)


There's no guarantee, but it is possible to screen for different inserts...


well.. so it would be a wrong to make a statement that... "each colony observed represents a single clone".. they can represent two different cloned plasmids aswell??

will there be no incompatibility factor that won't allow two different plasmids entering the same cell?


There could be incompatiblity, but the chances are relatively low.