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Growing Failure of L.acidophilus in MRS - (Jun/20/2013 )

Hi all,

I have been trying to grow commercial L.acidophilus in MRS medium that we prepared (not commercial) but I get very low OD. However, my friend performs same and he gets very good OD. There is no change between our procedure. What could be the reason? Any suggestion would be welcome (and questions for more detail)...


Do you both use the same medium preparation and seed stock?


Aside of bob1 question, the flasks may not be really clean or they might be not properly rinsed?

-El Crazy Xabi-

Thanks for answers
@bob1: we use same preparation even same chemicals and seed stock.
@El Crazy Xabi: we use sterile falcon tubes.


What was the inoculum source for both your efforts? Have you confirmed his growth is the same as the Lactobacillus inoculum?

-Phil Geis-

We use same stock of bacteria. And we confirmed his growth is same as the Lactobacillus inoculum


Did u adjust the pH?