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easy and fast publishing - which journals? - (Jun/13/2013 )

Hey guys,

Just curious if there is a quick and easy way to publish a small report or review in the field of cancer.

I want to publish without my supervisor, just myself, because I think it will improove my CV.

Which journals are there of such type (even with a very low or no impact factor)?

Cheers, be cool


To be honest, I'm not so sure a small article in a low/no impact factor journal is going to do much for your CV.

Does your supervisor know you are considering this? Or are you wanting to do it behind his/her back?


Of course I will let my supervisor know and I actually believe she will support me :-)

I think that a review as a single author will benefit my CV.

Any ideas?


Ah, ok sorry I thought you meant publish a paper with some of your results and couldn't see how a supervisor (who's funding, resources, planning etc had been invested) would be ok with that.