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Idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia or seronegative hiv or others disease? - (Apr/29/2013 )

Good evening!
First ,sorry my poor english ,english is not my mother language. I try my best to describe my illness clearly.
On jan,2012, I suddenly fell ill ,it is just fatigue ,weakness,drowsiness,anepithymia.After one weeks,I developed liver damage and i have very deep Urine‘s color like tea‘s for two weeks.
On feb,2012, I start severy dry cough,very severe cough,all day and all night. it last 20 days until inject Cephalosporins. follow, I get Pneumonia.i thiner 10% than my normal weight in six month. i have so many symptom, so many so many. i am very upset,very weakness,very low immunity,very fatigue ,very anorexia. after six month,i feel a little better.
I do many many test to find answer. my eb,cmv,hiv,hav,hbv,hcv,brucella and so on is negative. my chlamydia iggi is postive, igg is 1.17(positive>1).
I have iron overload. my ferrintin is 700-1000ng/ml, serum iron and tibc is high ,my b12 is low(178),my vitamin d3 is low(20).
My calcium,k,na,cl serum is normal..
My alt(100) ,ast(60) ,ggt(50) is higher a little than normal value. my ldh is higher than normal.
on 12months, my il-6,crp,pct.saa is normal,my esr is normal.
My wbc is normal ,it is 7000 for many times . my lymphocyte count is 2600. my cd4 is 21%,my cd8 is 35% for many times. but on flow-Cytometer ,my lymphocyte count is 5000,alomost twicecomplete blood cell .my cd4 count is 1200(22%),my cd8 is 2000(35%). very high ,but last year my cd4 count is 580.
From start to now ,it is almost 15 months. i stiil fell upset...many syptoms still last.
I suspect hiv...because my cd4 percent is low(22% for many times) ,cd8 is high ,very low immunity but many times anti-hiv negative(combo),hiv rna is negative(roche cobas)..
Because so many symptom ,very high cd3 ,i suspect it is virus .Is it htlv or hiv or ICL? i cant test htlv on my please help ..very thanks..
Add a sentence,before my upset ,i have excessive drinking and my fresh cut on leg contact baby oil on massage,
attach my fingernail,tongue ‘s picture. it last 15 months.
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Go see a doctor or go to a hospital !!!

I don't think a biology forum is the right place for getting a diagnosis - we can read the text and look at the pictures but not examine you, which would be very important.


i have saw many many doctors, can't be diagnosed. so i am looking helping on this forum....
very thanks.....