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Unknown bacteria??? - (Oct/02/2012 )


we have an interesting bacteria from blood. On blood agar kolonies are grey, and grows not only on surface of the media, but into agar too, they are difficult to remove ant dissolve in broth. Gram staining shows G+ rods,they are forming very long structures, like hyphe of the fungus, but not so thick. I think it could be actinomyces or something like that... We will try to identify it on Vitek automatic system, but problem is, that kolonies are difficult to dissolve and i'm affraid the results can be incorrect. Any ideas? what other tests i could perform?


If you've no experience in identification of such isolates, suggest you send culture (as a single islate, it's a bacterium - not bacteria) to one of the id services that employs genetic methods such as Accugenix. Please don't presume Viteksystems are validated for id of all possible isolates - tho' you might conact bioMerieux to discuss the relevant database and methods.

-Phil Geis-