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Measuring Ribosomal Translation Speed in-vitro - (Oct/02/2012 )

Hello Scientists,

after looking in the literature I was unable to find a method to measure the speed of ribosomes.
I am interested in a comparison of the speed of different ribosomes, e.g. A-site mutations or antibiotic treatment. I have purified ribosomes in an in-vitro mix, this is described in literature very well but none of these publications write a thing about speed of the ribosome.

Any idea how I can do this? Or is there any publication you know with a good protocol? (If possible without the use of radioactive components )

Thank you for advice,



Thank you for reading! Just some hours after writing the question I think I found the answer :-), given by Rachel Green and colleagues, in particular in this paper:

Cochella, L. and Green, R., An active role for tRNA in decoding beyond codon:anticodon pairing, 2005, Science (308), p. 1178-1180.
It is quite well described in the supplementary mat&meth part.

If you have other/better methods available please let me know!