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A New Comer - (Jul/05/2012 )

Dear Guys,
I may start using animal in near future.
And I want to be prepared, so I wonder if there is any books or guided line that might help in testing in vivo or using animals
I would be very grateful for your suggestion, or links for these books
Best Regards


Books on how to work with the animals or rather books on how to perform/design animal tests (more statstics related)?

Have you allready passed your exam/course on animal handeling ?
(or is this not needed in your country?)




I know how to work with animal from the undergraduate level, I can work well with mice.
But Perhaps I need licence to start working now.
However, what I am looking for is some suggestion of book titles.
Related to both suggested areas
The good one in this area.


I can give you this syllabus. Its the syllabus students (in Belgium) have to pass to get their FELASA C licence (I am assuming you need this too in your country to work with lab animals?)

About book titles: search the syllabus I send you, there might be some titles, but I think the best shot you have is to look up the universal rules , international rules about how to work with animals. Those regulations state whats possible and whats not, that might help you allready a lot.

About books in general:
And check this link for more links/helpfull information.

Its hard to give exaxt books; it all depends on what you are looking for.



Thanks for your priceless help


Here are the links that should have been in my previous post underneath "And check this link for more links/helpfull information".
I just noticed it, there werent there.. a bit strange..