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Genotyping genomic DNA before DNase treatment? - (Jul/05/2012 )

Hi all,

Does anybody know if I can genotype/perform genomic DNA PCR amplification with genomic primers on an RNA extraction before performing a DNase treatment? I am using the Qiagen Plant Mini RNA Prep kit, starting with a little under 100mg of tissue. Would there be enough whole DNA within the pre-DNase treated sample to perform a genomic DNA PCR?

I need to both genotype my plants as well as perform an RNA extraction for RT-PCR - my plants are stunted and I can not take a leaf sample prior to performing an RNA extraction for a separate DNA extraction followed by PCR.

Any feedback would be helpful.


I think it would probably be OK, though I don't know enough about the plant specific kit process to be able to say how much DNA will be coming through. I guess the only real way is to test it...