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how much time for prepared gel to keep bfore loading? - (Jun/27/2012 )

i have already prepared my gel if i want to store it and run on very next day almost after 24 hours...i have stored it in refrigerator wrapped in aluminium foil...
will it make any problem in protein result and bands?? sds and acralymide crystalization?? and smearing of protein in gel?


I used to store large format 2D gels in the fridge for nearly a week. They were wrapped in cling wrap with some damp tissue at each edge to avoid them drying out. Unless there is any sign of drying out, crystalisation or imperfections in the gel you should be fine.

-Kate Lee-

Seems not. I did a lot. I put them in plastic foil instead of aluminium... Keep it wet and in fridge.

-Hong Zhan-

I do this all the time, I take a sealable plastic bag and pour ~5-10 mL of water in the bottom and just place the cassette in there, definitely refrigerate. Keeping it a week like that is probably the longest I would do, you can start to get some microbes growing in there that could foul the gel.


just remember to warm the gel to room temperature before using it to avoid problems caused by sds crystals.


ok...thanks all for reply...