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eGFP vs eGFP-N1 - (May/25/2012 )

Hi - I'm wondering if someone can tell me the difference between eGFP and eGFP-N1. I'm thinking perhaps eGFP is just the plasmid for the fluorescent protein and that eGFP-N1 is the protein inserted into N1 cloning vector - but not sure if functionally I would know/see a difference. If transfecting cells with either construct will I get green cells? Will they have the same transfection efficiency? If trying to co-transfect GFP with an untagged construct is one preferable over the other? Will one not work?

Wondering if these 2 have been interchanged would we know?


Both are plasmids, the N1 construct has the GFP with a MCS at the N-terminus so that the GFP ends up as a C-terminal tag to your protein of interest. The corresponding one for Nterm tag is eGFP-C1.